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First impressons are very important in this competitive business environment and a photograph which clearly shows who you are in a flattering light can help you go far.

Howard has created thousands of business photographs to the satisfaction and benifit of his clients. Expert lighting and a knack for putting any subject at ease has helped him grow his client base of Bankers, Lawyers, Executives, Real Estate Agents and many others. Howard has made it a point to be aware of the corporate requirements so that the service to you is pleasant and efficient and will meet or exceed your expectations and needs.

Howard always shoots his own portraits and does not delegate the responsibility to other photographesr, when you come to have your photo taken, it will be Howard who guides you through the imaging process. If make-up is needed please let me know so I can refeer one of our artists to you. They are experienced in working with executives and know the requirement of the corporate photography.

The images are created digitally and therefore we have a rapid workflow where you will be able to review and select the images at the shoot. Whether you come to my studio or I come to your office the turn around time for the images can be as quick as the next day .

For more information please call Howard at 416 948-6818 or email photo@hprendergast.com


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